понедельник, 15 июня 2020 г.

серия freeform АТС

Всем привет!
 В нашем блоге snip.art вышел великолепный мудборд! Он навеял мне мысли о создании серии freeform АТС с использованием его фото в качестве главных элементов.


 A great mudboard has been released on our blog snip.art! He inspired me to create a series of freeform ATC exchanges using his photo as the main elements.

очень хочу поучаствовать с ними в задании от MTW "Hello doors and window"

really want to participate with them in the assignment from  MTW 

8 комментариев:

  1. WOW you did a great job with this!! Thanks for playing along with MTW

  2. These are gorgeous.But sadly,we do not accept ATCs for our main challenge.Check our facebook page to participate in our mini challenge which runs from 16th to end of every month. Thank you for linking to More Than Words Challenge.
    Priya- MTW Admin Team Member

  3. Oh these are such beautiful ATC's! I just love them! I'm so sorry that they don't qualify for our Main Challenge. :( We have a Mini Challenge every month where ATC's are welcome. You can find the rules for the current one here: http://morethanwordschallenge.blogspot.com/2020/06/june-2020-mini-challenge-hi.html

  4. Gorgeous ATC'S Unfortunatelly the main challenge doesn't take ATC :/ but thank you for showing us, they're so pretty! xoxo Cecilia

  5. Oh these are sensational! I really wish we could include them in our judging and I encourage you to join us again, either in the Mini or Main challenges - or both! Thanks for sharing with us at More Than Words :)


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